OVID Construction has introduced several advanced building technology systems, which makes the company different and unique from other construction companies.
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K-span Construction Technology

The K-span building system is a high-quality building technology with the capacity to transform the construction sector. OVID introduced this technology in Ethiopia. The Ovid k-span building system is applicable for industrial, commercial, institutional, military, humanitarian aid construction, recreational centers and public works.  

Kumkang Aluminum Formwork Technology

Kumkang technique is a revolutionary aluminum formwork technique which is forming its base in the construction field. This formwork system is suitable for both residential & commercial construction. OVID is the pioneer in integration of the formwork technology in Ethiopia and perhaps East Africa.

Light Gauge steel

Light Gauging steel is a framing technology that uses a cold-rolled steel product, commonly available in the shape of flat sheets, angles or channels. The framing technology is an optimal invention to the construction works for framing of non-structural partitions. By observing its quality and contribution to transforming the outcome of constructions, OVID introduced this technology and effectively integrated it in many of its successful projects.

Quarry Production

Our company has leased an abundant source of quarry in Oromia Regional State at Alelitu about 46 KM from Addis Ababa along the main road to Debrebirhan. The area is known to have a high potential of aphanitic basalts that are suitable for aggregate production. The source is also estimated to have the potential to produce more than 700,000 m3 aggregate.

Ready-Mix Concrete (RMC)

OVID has widely introduced and commercialized the use of Ready-Mix Concrete (RMC) in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa just by reaching the door to door of almost all construction projects and the company’s in Addis Ababa to demonstrate and transfer the knowledge even though the resistance for acceptance was intolerable. However, with substantial effort, this has brought a drastic and significant role in changing the old trend of concrete works that have long exercised with many contractors and customers.

Magnesium\Panel Board

OVID by studying the numerous benefits of the magnesium board technology such as its water, fire termite and mole proof nature, contractor and environment
friendliness and cost-effectiveness brought the construction technology and effectively implemented it in numerous projects.

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