K-Span Technology in Modjo
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K-Span Technology in Modjo

K-Span Technology in Modjo

Our construction company has just delivered the two blocks it has been constructing in Modjo on August 5th,2021.

Modjo is a small city located east of Ethiopia. The Modjo Dry Port project has been constructed using the K-Span technology. The project was commenced in December of 2020 and it is estimated to cost 85, 219,331.68 birr.

The project site covers an area of 10,900m³. The methodology is a design and build delivery system. As such on August 5th, this project of ours was inaugurated. On the gathering program that was held at one of the sheds, Mr. Dereje Midekssa stated that he was amazed at the progress rate of the project. In his statement, he praised the discipline the site workers had throughout the project and the technology.

Mr. Asefa Werkineh also stated that he was satisfied with the creativity and potential the young project manager Mr.Awot showed during the construction. The government officials have expressed their wishes to work with our company on another project.

The Technologies we use have gotten great results on every project we have so far. It has been clearly shown that technology and innovation is our way out of poverty. Our company is all about affordable solutions at a very deliverable time schedule and with a service quality that is truly surprising.

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