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The aim of Health, Safety, and Environment, HSE management is to:

  • predict the possible impacts and to suggest solution to them,
  • implement prevention measures to avoid and/or minimize incidents and accidents on employees and property,
  • protect the environment i.e. soil, water, air and biodiversity including humans,
  • create safe working environment and good safety culture,
  • promote sustainable development,
  • protect the health of workers and the surrounding community,
  • implement mitigation measures to avoid and/or minimize possible impacts,
  • create positive attitudes among the nearby communities about the project

The mission of HSE is to promote healthy and safe operations to employees, the community, clients, and visitors, and to ensure the protection of the environment.

We encourage excellence and strive to go beyond compliance, promoting the best HSE practices.

We recognize that improvement is a continuous process, and we strive to be at the forefront of changes in our field.


Occupational health will be considered through all activities of the company. OVID (HSE MANAGER) and its Sub- Contractors and Clients will ensure that adequate provisions are made to ensure that all personnel involved in the Scope of Work are protected from exposure to hazards, which may affect their health.

All OVID and Sub- Contractors’ personnel are subject to pre-employment medical examination and the issuance of the “Fit for Work” Certificate will be made before commencement of Work.

Clinic and First Aids

Within the Company’s services, it is foreseen the construction of one main Clinic, equipped with Patient’s rooms, laboratory analysis, and Medical Check-point number will vary according to the development and extension of works.

First Aid Points and Clinic is established on the site; they are used to provide first aid and medication in case of an accident on-site and to screen the cases that require to be addressed to external Hospital.


HSE Department is reviewing and highlighting the risks, which can result from construction activities. Company personnel is encouraged at all times to identify and correct hazards as a part of their normal duties wherever possible.

Any hazard identified outside their ability or that can’t be rectified immediately is to be made safe with barricades or warning signs etc. and reported to the Supervisor immediately.


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