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OVID Group profoundly considers the concept of not only considering profitability and growth, but concern for our society and the environment by taking responsibility for the impact of our activities on stakeholders, environment, consumers, employees, communities, and all other members in the public sphere. Apart from economic responsibility of earning profits, there are many other responsibilities attached to us as an entity, these responsibilities are more of non-financial/social in nature.

With the hopes of fulfilling our duty to the community that directly or indirectly contributed to our prosperity, we designed a Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) Policy to actively evolve our entity in wide ranging CSR activities. OVID Group in its tributary wing Ovid Venture Capital provides startups with financial and technical support along with knowledge transfer. Many business ideas that are potentially profitable and solution to most of the country’s problems are dropped because of lack of funding and expert support in the startup business. Ovid Venture has decided to inject financing and provide technical and managerial expertise for selected potentially profitable business startups and help them grow bigger so that problem solving business entities are created in a much stronger stance. As a company the vision is to work with 1000 startups by 2030.

what we have done so far:

19/5/2019Dine for Sheger10,000,000 ETB
4/3/2020Tribute to Artist Dr. Tilahun Gessesse3,000,000 ETB
Constantly donatingMasters Scholarship for 20 Students900,000 ETB
Constantly  donatingMacedonia home for the Elderly and Mentality DisabledConstruction materials worth 1,230,000 ETB
October 3-4/2021Irrecha Celebration30,000 ETB
20/1/2021Support for Ethiopian Military for peace keeping mission in Tigray1,800,000 ETB
21/8/2019Allotted 50 houses for donation in the Gerji Mega Project50,000,000 ETB
March 2021Bond for the GERD50,000 ETB
27/7/2020Displaced Gerji Project area residents compensation70,000 ETB
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