Company news
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Company news

  • OVID Group wishes all Ethiopians a happy new year. May the new year be full of prosperity, peace, and development for our country.

  • The Ovid Community has donated blood on August 23rd, 2021. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility project, our community has donated blood for our national defense

  • OVID Construction took the initiative to rebuild houses that need renovation and maintenance. We chose Fenoteselam, Mankusa the location of one of the Mega-projects of OVID

  • Our construction company has just delivered the two blocks it has been constructing in Modjo on August 5th,2021. Modjo is a small city located east of Ethiopia. The Modjo D

  • This step is not for those who are using the newly brought strop. Whenever you stop, some metal shavings are left along with formerly left stropping compound on the strop.

  • We would like to thank Mr. Alemayehu Ketema for the much-appreciated gift for our site workers on Sunday. Partners in development such as yourself are very much appreciated

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